1. Mog, kok lu aneh?

-Ini pertanyaan yang sulit yah…

2. Bisa bahasa Inggris?

-Bisa tapi gak jago, and I will try to answer this FAQ with english and Indonesia, so I hope, many people could understand what I’m saying.

3. Sebenernya ini blog tentang apa sih? kok topiknya beda-beda? (Actually, what kind of blog is this? There is no consistecy in the post)

-Sebenernya gak ada patokan pastinya blog ini tentang apaan, karena gua bakal post sesuka gua. Tapi, gua bakal post tentang buku, film, curhatan dan pemikiran gua.
(Actually, there’s no main topic for this blog. I will post anything that I think it’s suitable for me. But, I would post about book, film, or about my daily life and maybe my thought about something.)

4. Gambarnya lu dapet dari mana sih? Punya lu? (Where do you get your picture? Is it yours?)

– Gua gak punya gambarnya, biasanya gua search dari Google untuk gambar, dan biasanya dari memecenter.com kalo untuk gif, gua dapet dari giphy. Dan mulai dari 16 April 2016, gua bakal ngelink gambar itu ke web mereka.
(I don’t owned them. Sometimes I get it from google, or memecenter.com and for GIF picture, I got from Giphy. And from 16 April 2016, I will link the picture to their website, so whenever you click the picture, it will go to their website.)

4. Bisa gak gua langganan blog lu? (Can I subscribe to your blog?)
– Lu bisa scroll ke bawah page, nanti ada tulisan “Berlangganan Post” nah cukup isi e-mail sama nama, terus konfirmasi dari e-mail lu dan selesai!! Lu pasti gak bakal kudet lagi!!
(You can scroll to the bottom of the page, and there is a coloumn called “Berlangganan Post” and you just fill your e-mail address and your name. After that, confirm it, and WA-LA you will got notification whenever I post a new post!)

5. Bisa kerja sama gak? (Can we collaberate?)

– BISALAH!!! Atau kalo mau ngasih produk buat di review juga sabi! Contact gua aja lewat e-mail nanti kita bahas lewat e-mail okhay 😉
(OF COURSE YOU CAN!! Or if you want to give me some sample so I can review it, no problem. I’m happily to help! Just contact me by an e-mail, so we can talk furthermore 😉 )

Contact me!

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